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Mice are a common problem in the fall and winter when the weather turns cold and they seek shelter in our homes. Telltale signs of a mice infestation are little black rice-like droppings. Since mice are incontinent, wherever they travel, they leave a trail of feces and urine. Mice can and do transmit diseases and should not be taken lightly. Breathing or ingesting dust contaminated with their droppings can make you very ill. Mice will multiply very quickly if not dealt with and a small problem can become a large one very easily. However, our baiting system can put a swift and decisive end to any infestation. We have a long history of quick eradication when mice are a problem.
Rats are prevalent in every city in Metro Detroit. They are less likely to be found inside your home, however often do gain access. Once inside, they are a formidable tenant. Rats will chew through walls and create pathways to and from burrows and food sources. Outside, where they are more common, mounding of dirt and tennis ball size entry ways to burrows are fairly easy to spot. Rats create burrows under decks, concrete slabs, sheds, woodpiles or any other structure without a deep foundation. We strongly recommend professional treatment to eradicate rats once detected. A strong, healthy population will do lots of damage if left unchecked. Like mice, rats are disease carriers. They are extreme survivalists requiring a robust eradication protocol. Once again we employ a comprehensive baiting system as treatment. Home treatment is seldom effective.
Chipmunks are small squirrel-like rodents with a striped back. Smaller than a squirrel, chipmunks multiply quickly. Although chipmunks are typically not thought of as pests, they are rodents and can spread disease and cause damage. Chipmunks are gatherers of food and end up storing food in places we don't want it. Dryer vents, gas fireplace vents, eaves, garage storage, auto air intakes are popular places. Blocked vents can cause improper venting of home appliances and therefore create deadly carbon monoxide buildup inside homes. Aggressive trapping is the most effective cure for any chipmunk infestation.
Red Squirrels

Red squirrels are reddish gray and smaller than their counterpart, the more common eastern gray squirrel we see in our yards and trees. Often they are seen chasing the larger squirrels defending food sources. Red squirrels are famous for exploiting the cracks in and around our attics, sidings and gutters. They love to nest in the warm quiet confines of our insulated attics, raising young and storing food. Once established in an attic, you may be in for a long battle keeping them out. They will even chew through wood fascia boards if entries are sealed off. It is important to remove red squirrels immediately before large amounts of food are stored or young are raised. Once food is stored, even if the responsible squirrel is eradicated, there typically is a long line of related squirrels who will gladly take advantage of the abandoned nest and food stores. It is STRONGLY recommend that you seek professional eradication upon FIRST detection! Red squirrels cause damage and have lasting legacies!

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