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Other Insects

Carpenter ants
Carpenter ants are large, black, fast-moving ants that excavate wood to build a nest. They prefer wet, soft wood because it is easier to chew through. Leaky roofs, leaky plumbing and gaps in siding and gutters where water proliferates are all welcome nesting spots for these pests. Professional treatment is recommended for these wood-destroying pests before recolonization and the spread of a real problem.
Slab ants
Slab ants are small ants often seen following each other in long lines to food sources. They are called slab ants because they are most often found near structures with a slab foundation rather than a basement or crawl space; however, they will appear in any structure.
Subterannean Termites
In Michigan, termites live in the ground near wood structures and travel to the structure where they actually consume the softer pulpy parts of the wood with the help of a protozoa in their gut. Not as uncommon as people think, termites can cause considerable damage if left unchecked. Termites construct mud tubes for travel when forced to leave the ground. These tubes help keep their bodies moist in order to survive. Tubes are often found around the sill plates of foundations nearest to the ground. Large infestations compromise the structural integrity of the affected wood causing unsafe conditions.
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