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Yellow Jackets
Yellow jackets are an aggressive wasp when defending their nest. Common nesting areas include holes in buildings, cracks in mortar joints, gaps in siding and gutters and holes in loose soil, under stumps, garden bedding areas or other ground voids. As with any stinging insect, avoid nests and try not to disturb or anger a hive.
Bald-faced Hornets
Hornets are best identified by the nests they create — rounded paper-like nests seen hanging from trees and shrubs or attached to sides of buildings often near peaks or corners of structures. Hornets are extremely aggressive and will sting multiple times when threatened.
Honeybees colonize and make large hives so they can produce honey to feed on during the winter. Orange and black in overall color, they can be aggressive and will attack in numbers defending the hive. They will build hives in wall voids, trees and other protected areas. Hives are usually large and non-uniform in shape, following the contours of the structure, tree limb or void.
Bumblebees are large furry looking bees that nest in the ground. They are often seen around ornamental flowers and other pollen-producing plants. Just like other bees, they are most aggressive when they feel the hive is threatened.
Paper Wasps
Paper wasps make small inverted cone like nests that are relatively small in size. You will generally find them in BBQ grills, window casements, door casements, garage door casements. There are small numbers of insects per hive, but like the others, are aggressive when threatened.
Carpenter Bees
Carpenter bees drill perfect 5/8" size holes into wood to make nests. Common places are the untreated undersides of deck railings, deck supports, wood siding, fascia boards and other untreated wood surfaces. In the springtime, these very large bees are extremely territorial and will actively buzz passersby of nesting areas. Although they rarely sting, they are very destructive to wood and should be dealt with as soon as they are noticed. Numbers increase exponentially when left untreated.
Cicada Killer Wasp
As the largest wasp in our area, these pests excavate large nests in the ground. Popular spots are edges of driveways and sidewalks leaving large mounds of tailings on the surface. They are very aggressive when an intruder nears the nest. They usually only sting when in close contact and feel severely threatened. However, an infestation can wreak havoc on your yard and will make any venture outside interesting.

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