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Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs do not care who you are or where you live. They are in every Metro Detroit city. Although there is quite a stigma attached to bed bugs
to us they are like mosquitoes or spiderspeople do not want them, plain and simple. We do know that bed bugs can cause a great deal of anxiety and turmoil. Rest assured, we will make them go away for good!
Adult bed bugs are reddish brown in color and about the size of a small ant in length, however they have an oval shape. Nymphs are yellowish in color and smaller in size.
First and foremost, do not try home treatments! Typically home treatments make the problem worse. Most home treatments include the use of a repellant. Repellants cause the bugs to spread out into other areas of your home. You do not want bedbugs to disperse throughout your home. Bed bugs bite when you are in one place long enough for them to crawl to you. If we slept on chairs, they would be called chair bugs. Once they bite, they return to their secluded spot near your bed and digest their meal. They also get rid of their waste and lay eggs in the same area. We want the bugs to stay near their typical spots. This will aide in eradication.
Once an adult bed bug feeds, it will typically do this every five to seven days. In between, they lay eggs every day and the eggs hatch in two weeks and become adults five weeks after that. Newly hatched nymphs begin to feed immediately and molt in stages before coming to adulthood. Between each molt, a meal is required. Within two months a single bed bug can cause a full-fledged infestation.
Our treatments are chemical treatments applied in two stages. The first stage is very effective and will provide immediate relief from bites. The second stage is usually performed two to three weeks later as a maintenance treatment for hatches and to eradicate bugs that are not in typical areas. Some severe infestations may require a third treatment. Our chemical treatment is very effective and utilizes instant kill strategies, as well as residual long-lasting protection. It is imperative to call us immediately upon detection and do very little to disturb the areas affected. Moving contents of rooms, bedding and affected items will only spread the problem.
Chemical treatments are completely safe and will not cause harm to humans or pets when applied correctly.

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